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Background and rationale

The Democracy Opportunity Support Fund (DEMOS Fund) is a flagship initiative of the West Africa Democracy Solidarity Network (WADEMOS) established with funding support from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

Set up as a transnational, civil society-led network in the ECOWAS Region, WADEMOS mobilizes, coordinates, and leverages the resources, opportunities, and collective power of its Members and other pro-democracy civil society organizations, social movements, and activists to defend, promote, and advance democratic values and reform in West Africa, including through engagement with relevant regional bodies and instruments. 

With its Secretariat based at the Ghana Center for Democratic Development, WADEMOS is governed by an 11-member Steering Committee, an Advisory Council and a General Assembly.  For the current period through the end of 2024, the Network’s five strategic priorities are to:

Complementing these strategic goals, the purpose of the DEMOS Fund is to respond to emerging openings and other opportunities, including early warnings, to defend, revive, or reinvigorate democracy in the Region.

Guiding principles

  • Organizational projects from WADEMOS Network Members, recommended organizations or individuals and social groups addressing any of the five strategic priorities of the Network. This is funded under a six (6) months cycle and grants are awarded twice a year.
  • Timely-needed sensitive and immediate interventions from WADEMOS Network Members, and working groups in response to the democratic reversals at national level. This may be co-created by WADEMOS and Network Members, and on the recommendation or proposal from Network Members. Applications are opened throughout the year.
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Projects are selected by the PMU and approved by the Fund Management Committee based on established criteria.

It should be clearly stated and aligned to the WADEMOS priority action. Thus, how it advances and support the cause and objectives of WADEMOS in responding to democratic reversals at national and regional level.

  • Regional and national advocacy and activism around the WADEMOS priority interventions
  • Regional and national civic mobilization, civic engagement, solidarity engagements, capacity building, learning and knowledge transfer
It should be realistic and respect the funding ceiling

Completion of projects and interventions should not exceed a period of six months. Funded Projects should be implemented only within the ECOWAS territory

Integration of Cross-Cutting issues

Projects are encouraged to integrate cross-cutting issues such as women and youth.

Budget Ceiling

The Ceiling for funding is as follows:

  • Organizational Projects support: $20,000
  • Timely-needed Interventions: $10,000


  • Organizational Projects Support: Friday, June 30, 2023. 
  • Timely-needed Interventions: Applications are open all year round

Managemet of the Fund

The fund shall be managed by the fund Management Committee


Funds are transferred upon approval of projects or requests by the Fund Management Committee and signature of a grant agreement between the WADEMOS Secretariat and the implementing organization


A final report, must be submitted with a financial part showing expenditures. However, the PMU is allowed to establish a system to check the initiatives implementation proces


After completion of the project and receiving the final report, the PMU will send them back to the relevant organization for an ex-post evaluation and potentially additional support


Administration & Implementation Arrangements

The Fund Management Committee is chaired by a Member of the Steering Committee and review progress reports and disbursement requirements as approved in the signed agreement with beneficiaries and partners. The Fund Management Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the fund is utilized for the purpose described above. The Committee also ensures that expenditures are incurred in accordance with the applicable Financial regulations, rules, policies, and procedures of WADEMOS, for the purpose intended and within the funds earmarked for that activity and shall draw the attention of the Financial accountant to any proposed commitment or expenditures which in his or her view, is inconsistent therewith


The grants disbursed will be subject to internal and external audit procedures of WADEMOS.


The WADEMOS PMU and the Steering Committee with mutual consent may revise the above provisions, should circumstances require.


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  • Application Form - EN
  • Assessment Checklist - EN
  • Application Form - FR
  • Assessment Checklist - FR