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Climate Change & Natural Resource Governance

Climate Change & Natural Resource Governance

Climate change and Natural Resource Governance

WADEMOS believes that climate change poses an existential threat to humanity and impacts democratic governance through its implications on food security, conflicts, migration, and natural disasters. We focus our intervention on working with governments, civil society, and the ECOWAS to push for effective responses to climate change and environmental protection policies and adapt to its worst impacts.

Our work on Climate Change specifically seeks to: 

  • monitor compliance with international and regional protocols and conventions in tackling climate change and its impacts as prescribed in UN SDG 13
  • provide technical support to ECOWAS and governments through research and capacity building
  • partner with state actors and regional bodies to involve women in the development and implantation of national climate policies and natural resource management
  • provide expert advice, support, and monitoring on the utilization of climate change finance
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