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Liberia’s Presidential Election Runoff: All Stakeholders Must Ensure the Gains from the October Polls are Sustained

The West Africa Democracy Solidarity Network (WADEMOS) commends all stakeholders for the significant efforts in ensuring that Liberia’s first-round elections were generally free and transparent, as declared by local and international election observers, despite widespread concern in the ECOWAS sub-region about the outcome.

As Liberia goes for a runoff on Tuesday, November 14, WADEMOS urges all stakeholders, particularly the National Election Commission (NEC) and polling officers, political parties and their agents, security, and voters, to exemplify good faith and fidelity to the electoral rules and regulations to sustain the gains made after the first round. The people of Liberia must be proud of the achievement of the October 10 election, which came at a time when democracy is facing many forms of retrogression, including the quality and credibility of election outcomes.

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Liberia’s upcoming presidential runoff is predicted to be very competitive considering the turnout and the close contest between the two frontrunners, the incumbent president, George Manneh Weah, candidate of the CDC, and Joseph Boakai, former vice president and candidate of the UP, during the October 10 elections.

While commending the NEC for the successful conduct of the first-round election, we urge the Commission to continue to demonstrate transparency, particularly in the results collation and declaration process. We also urge the joint security taskforce to maintain a high degree of vigilance and professionalism on election day, at poling precincts and during the post-election phase.

Political parties and their supporters should respect the country’s peace and refrain from misinformation, disinformation or any conduct that is likely to disrupt the smooth conduct of the elections. The stability of the country in the post-election environment is critical to enabling the peaceful resolution of any disagreement that may arise after the election.

On the part of CSOs and election observers, both local and international, we entreat the security agencies, political parties and the government to act in accordance with and observe relevant protocols and declarations that affirm the role of election Observers during elections.

Finally, we urge the people of Liberia to remain calm and turn up in their numbers to vote on Tuesday. The commendable example that was set in the first round of the election must be repeated and reinforced to safeguard the integrity not only of elections in the ECOWAS sub-region but also of democracy itself.

We express solidarity with the people of Liberia and look forward to seeing this election runoff spell for the country a new era of hope, freedom and prosperity.


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