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WADEMOS Alert: Guinea Bissau: A call for peaceful, free and fair elections

On June 4, 2023, Guinea-Bissau heads for elections to elect a new set of 102 deputies to its National People’s Assembly (NPA) for the 2023–2027 parliamentary term. This follows the dissolution of the NPA by President Embaló in May 2022, a move he attributed to persistent differences between the NPA and other branches of government. Specifically, President Embaló cited the NPA’s refusal to have its accounts audited and the rejection of an attempt to rescind some deputies’ immunity from prosecution as the basis for his action.

The forthcoming election is important not only because its success is crucial to the realization of some degree of harmony in the Bissau-Guinean government but also to the stability of the country going forward and to the prospect of consensus in the ensuing debates on constitutional reforms. It is therefore imperative that every precaution be taken to ensure that the legislative elections observe an undeniable measure of transparency and, above all, inclusivity.


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