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Conflict Prevention/Peace and Security

Conflict Prevention/Peace and Security

Conflict Prevention, Peace and Securtity.

We work with network partners and actors from civil society, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) governments, marginalized groups, and other international partners to create a platform for dialogue and cross-learning experiences to support peace and development within the region.

Our work on Conflict Prevention, Peace, and Security seeks to:

  • strengthen the capacity of peace-building organizations and practitioners in West Africa to engage actively in the peaceful transformations of violent conflicts¬†
  • increase the awareness of the use of non-violent strategies in response to conflicts in West Africa
  • develop a conflict prevention strategy and network in West Africa to monitor, report, and offer home-grown perspectives of conflicts in West Africa
  • forging partnerships with individuals and institutions to build the capacity of women and youth groups to participate in peace-building processes at all levels to ensure sustainable and equitable development
  • create a cooperative platform for peace-building organizations to dialogue and promote the culture of peace and reconciliation in West Africa
  • partner with state institutions to educate the military on their role in a democracy.¬†
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