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WADEMOS Convenes Virtual Workshop to Validate Gender Assessment Study

The West African Democracy Solidarity Network is organizing a strategy and validation workshop with its members and partners to review findings and provide feedback to influence the final gender assessment report.

A comprehensive gender analysis study, the report aims to assess the status of gender equality and women’s empowerment within the region. The study also seeks to identify challenges, opportunities, and strategies for advancing gender equality in West Africa.

The validation and strategy meeting will provide a platform for stakeholders to review the study, provide feedback, and collaboratively develop strategies for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in the region.

Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, via Zoom, the workshop will strengthen transnational collaboration and advocacy on gender issues within the context of regional normative protocols and frameworks. 

This validation process involves network members, partners, gender experts, advocates, and women’s rights activists.

The final report would be disseminated via a webinar to the general public, regional institutions and bodies, and other stakeholders. The report will also be available on our website. 


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