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Liberia Elections: CSOs Commend Liberia for Holding Peaceful Polls; Urge Calm as the Presidential Election Reaches a Run-off

The West Africa Democracy Solidarity Network (WADEMOS) commends the National Electoral Commission of Liberia (NEC), political parties, observers, and all stakeholders for ensuring a peaceful election on October 10. We extol the civility and discipline demonstrated by Liberians, as they showed up in large numbers across the country to vote during the elections.

Liberia held its fourth successive election since 2005. WADEMOS joins other international observer missions to commend the national security agencies for stepping up to the task and delivering an election that was generally recognized as peaceful notwithstanding a few instances of reported violence. Ahead of the election, security of polls was of major concern being the first election in which the Liberian security agencies had complete control of security. We also applaud the NEC for the early opening of polling places and precincts. Despite this, we share in the concerns raised in the preliminary observations and findings made by international observers about the long queues that incited voter agitation in a few instances.

As the country heads for a runoff following the announcement by the National Elections Commission that no candidate met the 50%+1 threshold, the Network entreats Liberians to remain calm and ensure respect for the electoral laws and regulations before, during, and after the runoff on November 7, 2023.

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We firmly believe that collaborating with and supporting the work of civil society organizations can significantly contribute to helping Liberia develop its fledgling democracy. To this end, we appreciate the opportunity and collaboration received from all stakeholders during the Network’s pre-election and election day activities in Liberia. Particularly, we acknowledge the solidarity and support extended to the team by the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), a coalition of CSOs in Liberia.

With barely two weeks to go until the run-off, WADEMOS urges the NEC to sustain the commitment it has demonstrated to transparency and electoral integrity, and appeal to all stakeholders, especially the political parties, to resort to appropriate procedures to have their grievances resolved.


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